Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Put your priorities on you. Taking care of your health is more important than ever.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Even though you love them all dearly, your friends are not in synch with you, today.


I can not honestly say I'm a democrate nor a republican
I vote for world peace
A calm state amongst all lands
But what does stick out @ me is the voice of Obama
I haven't been wrapped up in the political word but I desire a good speaker
My pastor tickles my fancy when he delivers his sermons on Sunday
So I would vote him if he was on the ticket
I ask you all, what sticks out @ you?
Because what does this country really need?
A new color, age, gender or creed
When Novemeber rings in and the choice is made
Will your night's sleeping time be better?
Will you smile more bigger?
Will your needs, wants and desires be met?
Will the change you were praying for unfold before your eyes?
Will this really whole-heartedly impact you?
My focus is to live the best life I've been offered
And does a male/female or democrate/republican in office really affect that?
If so, how?

Tell me, why you stand firm on your decision?

Friday, September 19, 2008


Crawled up, heating pad against my belly
Listening to sirens stream thru the streets of my Harlem
I stare @ the bars on my livingroom window
Feeling trapped from yet another wasted day
8-10hour shifts I'm use to executing on my daily
But is $'s worth enduring the pain?
I can crown Self a pill-popper
And no not in a ecstasy sense
Eventhough the more codeine I devour
The more I feel like I'm being lifted into space
Unconscious Self, hand me the trashcan so I can puke up this conditon
Wash it away and exit this place
Everyday its a 50/50 chance I'll be regular
As dramatic (some may say)
Wild and crazy as I am
I've moved into such a humble place
Just last Wednesday, you could see the alcohol in my face
Now back here chaise laying in such a boredom state
But my faith is still in place
I have faith in him
I read Peter I versus 4: 12,13,19
The l♥ve of Tonia to thank
I kept reading and landed @ Peter 1 verse 5 3:10 and Joy took over my case
The chapter ending in...
"And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, support, strengthen, and establish you."
No more teary eyes
A smile has replaced
The over-Joy I feel because I know blessings will soon chase
Track me down and provide a bed of his Grace
I would l♥ve to know, how deep is your faith?

The Sun is shinning in my soul so I'm prepared for the heavy rains...

Girlies thank you for your feedback. It really helps me get thru the day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prayer changes things


Sweet, fruitful wishes
Enormous hopes and dreams
Simple prayers topped with BIG request
God has heard my cries
So who do I turn to next?
The news of everyone's problems is so minuscule to what's really going on
Have you tuned into the constant unfolding of this economy and the recent natural disasters of our earth?
There is soooo... much more, BIGGER than you/me
My Mom contemplating moving back home to assist in problem-solving
For already quailfied problem-solvers
Yes having her embilical cord connection, having the same blood running thru your/my veins
Would solve my/ur right now struggles
Yes the thought happies me
But We/I can stand-a-lone
There are only two feet to shoe
Yes I'm suffering from this and I wish I had someone right here
But damned if I will allow myself to melt away yet another day
I've turned to:
God is inside of me swimming thru my soul
So what more help do I need!
I only want to speak the positive
Speak life
Speak sweet
Speak right
Negative energy forms a blockage for your blessings
Clear the devil out of your house
No need to hide under the sofa of no answers, no possibilties, no opportunities
In the words of Alicia: "remove that word "CAN'T" from your vocabulary"
Sore back, I can still withstand this right now pain
I was told today, no one has every heard me speak so positively
Well here it is
I open my mouth to you
Receive my words
None of us are still little girls

A little personal but apply where needed...

L♥ve you guys... There are stars in the sky for a reason...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Communicate in an out-of-the-ordinary manner -- write a poem to say how you feel.


Today I report to you from my teary eyed chaise(thanks Big Sis and Felicia one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture art that I've rested my rear upon)
The strength of l♥ve couldn't pull me together to exit this place
Hot waters running in my bathtub to @ least relieve some of the pain
I describe my pain as a tummy full of dirty laundry
Washing and rinsing away in my abdominal area
Two tylenol 3's and a Celebrex being the fabric softener of meds to help complete this load
Awaiting the spin cycle so that the pain can stop
Why me, I ask?
Must I discover the highs and lows of this illness
My bestest Chel having the most knowledge of Endometriosis
Doc after Doc looking into my private areas
Still no severity of my condition
I want this to be over
My ♥ filled with joy is not healing nor helping this day
Girlies I cry out to you
If you guys could just share some of the pain
I dont quite understand why I must go thru this
What have I done to have this condition casted upon me?
God knows whatever sins I've commited the blood of Jesus is my gift to receive forgiveness
Tears and Headaches go hand and hand
Well..., welcome to the world of mygraines I've told self
I'm praying today will end in a smile filled face with light makeup and a little orange blush
Stepping out into the Big City life
To table chat @ Taj
Unsure @ this point as I harbor the pain
I l♥ve you all and I pray you never have to go thru this
Writing and sharing my words is keeping me a float right now
So please, keep reading and sending your replies

Pain abandon me, you don't have to live here anymore...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm bright eyed today
Enjoying and basking in the breeze of fall
Still doesn't feel like the cold will stick But I will definitely take a pair of jeans and a sleeved shirt this day
I have a date 2night
I was invited to a movie with the bestest
My Ace herself Miss Clark
I've been feeling joy all week
Time to spread the new l♥ve into the seats of the 125th street theater
Overzealous I maybe but really who cares
When joy is the root of my-self findings
Headed to Washington Heights for the 1st time in my life(to my knowledge)
To hear the news of my surgery date
This illness has not even remotely received the best of me
I'm dealing with it like a regular winter cold
Once the docs send a tube inside of me they will see God has cured me before they could
God's love inside is a silent and fast healer
I heard pain is a night stalker
It explains the pains I feel when I arise
But a few yarns and tosses get me back to my normalcy state
I pray you all are feasting on yet another beautiful day
I feel your smiles inside my ♥ as I type away
I'm thankful for you all
No matter what we have been through or will go through you'll still be one of the girls that ignited my life
Thank you girlie

Boyfriend without power since Sunday,
in Columbus Ohio. I've been praying for him and his family. Join me in prayer...

Monday, September 15, 2008


So the journey to "New Beginnings" have begun (in Erica Cane's voice)
Shout out to Sgt. Green Eye's(All My Children)
The quote: "We must do what we have to do, so that we can do what want to do" (The Great Debaters)
Has been placed in a cloud over head
I poke @ it as the word "PASSION" zips by me everytime I grab my berry to attack my right now thoughts
I want to be inspirational to all
Rae gave me a push with her connecting women campaign
What a delight to everyone's life
My Sis angry with my growning abilities
But not going to allow that to stop my new found run
I want to arrive where l♥ve meets eternity
Eventhough I'm not the "Greatest Lady Of All Time" in everyone eyes
@ least I am in God's
My purpose is to 1st save me so I can save other's
I pray my words that I'm (going to start from now on) delivering to my girlies touch you like they are given from me
Jotting down what's jogging thru your brain gives a sense of stability for self
I'm joyous this day
Headed to my Lil Sissy EM to get started on yet a "New Beginning"
A career change will help put me back in the fore-front of my life
Retail makes the $'s stream thru my commerce account but the passion isn't left in hand when I exit those "BIG" glass doors
There's so much more to little size 4 (sometimes 2) me
Shoot, there's so much more to all of us
I going to out weigh a 300 pound man with my 129lbs self and the 500lbs I just gained from the new l♥ve of self
Well enjoy your day my lovely ladies
Slap fives with your passion
Hug your dreams
And keep listening, as God screams


Be careful what you say
Speaking negative thoughts or thinking negative thoughts brings about a foul tongue
Always speak life
Stop and evaulate the roles that we all play
Own up to the lives we were destine to live
Maybe you helped it to get to the point it has landed
Own up to your own destruction
We demonstrate a lack of our own character
Bad judgement
Bad decisons
Bad actions
Leads to the mishandling of God's word and off the path of God's purpose for your life
Dont be so quick to put other people out there
Or put other person's down
We were not put here to kill another person's dreams or spirit
Ambition is a conscious effort
Be ambitious
Live with passion
Create and make your dreams your reality
Connecting with God starts with recognition
Recognize your own short comings
There's a point in life where we must do more
Be more
We are expected to speak up
Take responsibility for the team
Carry somebody's elses weight
Someone has carried yours
If you are willing to step up
Others will be willing to step up with you
The Judah Way is the connection to Christ
You will mess up
You will fall short of your purpose
Doesn't matter what your last move was, make sure your next move is, your best move
No one's expected to be perfect
No one's expected to always be right
Try harder
Pray harder
And stay in prayer longer
Prayer requires consistency

If you feel this in your soul God has just called your name its time to let go and allow God

Church was great today my soul is singing... You may not hear it but I'm listening...

Friday, September 12, 2008



So I met him and I left him
Or he left me
What msg is this now Almighty?
Everything happens for a reason
For a season
Indian summer is it?
I don't enjoy the heat
I don't want the heat
Cool breezes is what I crave
All smile filled days
But a week ago I stared into his eyes
And nothing but excitement of a new surprise
Maybe its me, just always longing for plenty
Continuously feeling empty
Thinking of the building of bridges
Making l♥ve
Moon walking on ceilings
The dude being away from the sexual needs
Dont want to be naughty just yet
But if I had thoughts of risk taking
His absence puts me back on my Ohio break
Shit I must admit
I have a boyfriend
But I desired a Man