Thursday, October 16, 2008

OHHHH This is Me...

Bright-eyed, kinesthic, light-brite with a world of poetry renting space in her mind. Her view of this earth is from a stand point that even Socrates couldn't understand. Born on the 14th day of the 3rd month of each New Year. She sparkles as she smiles with her eyes. When you gaze @ her words you drift off into her every day. Her poetic style far from a trend. P.Olay is timeless and here to stay. Get lost in her words if you will...

Friday, October 3, 2008


I bed lay daydreaming in my still room
Wondering what will this new day bring
Falling leaves and brisky winds move about in my mini-outdoorsy world
My best bored with work wishing she was home as well
I feel a new beginning coming on
A new day inside of the daily me
Happy that my journey is coming to a end
Surgery a cold wednesday morning away
Still laughing inside from a great all girlie day two moon filled nights ago
Welcoming another young lady into our circle of joy
Happy I testify
Happy I declare
My Mr. Buenos Diaz wont get himself in order
He doesn't understand my craft
And that honestly bothers me
Even if you don't understand poetry fully
Reading delivers to all
What do you grab from someone's words?
I guess he doesn't get the meaning of talent
Well I'll leave that to my nightly prayers
Big Sis still stuck in the stubborn zone
And I'm not going to bail her out
Grandpa on silence mode 4weeks and counting
Alot going on with me
Yet, I declare happy
No need to walk around half-hearted
My God gives me his all
I pray you drink a full gallon of joy as well
Its TGIF bitches


How do you want me to be?
What do you want me to be?
I show that I'm human and U don't accept me
Emotional wreck
Emotionless blank
How can you not like me better when I'm playing Frank?
Sexual freak
Virgin Mary flake
How would you tell if I was real or fake?
I give you closeness
I provide meaning to your soul
A healthy relationship is my only goal
Eventhough we started as soon as we met
Should it have ended, when you decided to jet?
I hear its your life
I understand all of that
I even honor you for being this intact
Most men would crumble
Fall off the earth
But you've played Mom and Dad since your little one's birth
And as erie as it was to find out you had two little girls
With both my names and a head full of curls
I could have bailed then
But I never judged
I just accepted your world with a big hug
You shut ↓ and shut me out
and tell me you're fine
Which I know is a load of crap
Please don't think this is a relationship trap
I'm asking you early on
Because now is better than, then
Are you planning on keeping me around as your l♥ver or your friend?
Wasted time is something I don't give
The future is where I'm headed
So either l♥ve me hard
Or let me live