Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Half smiled
Heavy hearted
The events that continue to drown my right now mood are coming @ me full force
As I drive thru life I see the stop sign approaching
I slam my foot on the breaks and look both ways
Coast seems clear
I continue to move
I'm slammed by yet another unfortunate event
I pray, and I pray
I can get pass and get thru this one
I was told, and I believe, because I can testify that My God is a 2nd chance God
So I cry and call out to him
Jesus, My God, Lord of Lord, The Almighty Righteous...
Relieve my pain yet again and pull me thru to your light
I know what I've done as well as what I do isn't always right
But I'm learning I'm growing I'm becoming who you have destined me to be
God help me please
Mercy is what I crave
Mercy is what I need
I close my eyes
And just ponder the day
From court to work to Bill pay

Sunday, July 13, 2008


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

If you can't copy me, duplicate me, change me, recreate me or let alone save me and replay me why not just take me, keep me, appreciate me and accept me as I am? If I remind you of no one, than there is no comparison to cloud your brain, alter your thoughts. I was told to follow your dreams... I'll still be there everynight you close your eyes. I'm ready when you are. Not going to take the 1st step anymore. I feel it'll be better, if we walk together.

If you're in l♥ve or engaged, please ignore this page.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Share my pain

Share my pain

Crippling condition fell upon my size 8 1/2 feet
Toes still polished in that come get me now red
Matching the drips continuously exiting my internal self
Daytime nightmares running thru my dizzy little head
Red blood count as low as as any sickened anemia case
Who would have thought 127lb healthy me would have to slide her feet across paqueted floors to just get to the neighboring restroom
Gliding @ the pace of a nursing home Great- Grand-Mama
Tired from just a measly 10sec stroll
Weakness running thru my veins like Miami's nightlife, just a few short moons ago
How can one go from 0 to 60 in a mere 48hours
Cheeks slapping fives with tears as the sharp contraction like pains, play jack in the box with my abdominal area
I ask God what are Cyst and why have they bonded with me this day?
My job thinking and extended vaca was my plan
Not knowing the pain prevails even as I type with both hands
Where is the stop button as this plays out
5days already
I shouldn't have anything else to complain about
I remove the pillows searching for my strength
A bit size capsule has got me somewhat thru this
Feeling like I will never again be the same
Pouting @ the mean world, for some unknown reason feeling shame
Just hug me
It would help if you could share my pain