Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Written today

48hours of Quiet
However, a new bbm relationship brews about from the darn of yesterday
Silence being golden on the weirdest of days
Inhaling me @ the highest dose
Only to detox after 3 fights and 3 flights back to our Old York
My imagination running wild from the blissful-ness of a Him and I
The Salty Air of Paradise was suppose to staple us 2gether
Unaware of me just being present @ a pretend Alter @ a chapel in Saint Barthelemy
My eyes not allowing me to see a end only the smiles of New Beginnings
Wishing I could turn back the pages and erase the memory of his face
Everyone telling me to release myself
But love parks in my space
A full six months of my NYE resolution 
And rooting for MMP for prez was still my campaign
He won the election of my ♥ one warm Friday
So what now, since I've been deemed a clown
The word boyfriend bouncing on my tongue as I recite his name
But in a relationship with self is all I have to show
Why was I playing a role that wasn't actually given to me?
Person after person voting for this to prosper
Not knowing I was just another "GIRL"
Never the "Girl-Friend"
Love making, QTing, Appearances, Vaca's, Comps, Flicks, Chats, Connects, from or with lil ME 
Was this all fun for He?
Mis-used and Abused (by self) taken for the longest walk in the Park ever
No other man having a chance @ my broken ♥ 
But the store has re-opened today
Girlfriend, Girlfriend nolonger who I am in my confused mind
Just Nia this day
No matter how hard and long I cry only time and patience will take this feeling away
And yes, this was written today


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