Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sweet, fruitful wishes
Enormous hopes and dreams
Simple prayers topped with 
BIG request
God has heard my cries
So who do I turn to next?
The news of every one's problems is so minuscule to what's really going on
Have you tuned into the constant unfolding of this economy and the recent natural disasters of our earth?
There is soooo... much more, BIGGER than you/me
My Mom contemplating moving back home to assist in problem-solving
For already qualified problem-solvers
Yes having her umbilical cord connection, having the same blood running thru your/my veins
Would solve my/ur right now struggles
Yes the thought happies me
But We/I can stand-a-lone
There are only two feet to shoe
Yes I'm suffering from this and I wish I had someone right here
But damned if I will allow myself to melt away yet another day
I've turned to:SELF...God is inside of me swimming thru my soul
So what more help do I need!
I only want to speak the positive
Speak life
Speak sweet
Speak right
Negative energy forms a blockage for your blessings
Clear the devil out of your house
No need to hide under the sofa of no answers, no possibilities, no opportunities
In the words of Alicia: "remove that word "CAN'T" from your vocabulary"
Sore back, I can still withstand this right now pain
I was told today, no one has every heard me speak so positively
Well here it is
I open my mouth to you
Receive my words
None of us are still little girls

A little personal but apply where needed...L♥ve you guys... There are stars in the sky for a reason...  
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