Tuesday, August 25, 2009

He kept me...

Feels like ions have passed since I've thumb tapped
This feeling on the inside is like a comet exploding onto a new earth
I don't know what's going on in this new ♥ of mine
Glassy eyes from magnetic tears
The surgery put a positive damper on my soft soul
I don't want to work the tongue of a negative word
Catch the next yellow taxi I've already been hit by that one
Dr. Main used God's borrowed hands wisely upon my fragile frame
My Holy Bible peeking @ me reminding me of Jazzy B's worn passport
Knowing the wear & tear is because its been used
Smiling @ the fact that words can put out a old broken hearted fire from a few short moons ago
It doesn't even feel like I ever knew a man named Stress
A chick named Pain
Some dude called Misery
That Broad name Hurt
HolyGhosted was I?
The white neck collar decorating my neck
The bandages taping my new fresh slice in my neck
Still nothing negative to say
The tablets that help keep me chatting with my daily visits
Still nothing negative to say
Puttie pass me another Q-Tip to remove what I've just heard running out of my mother's mouth
I just want to float in this bliss
So many kind words just shared with my fellow piscean Laura
Only to be thanked but unaware of the thumb messages
I'm pulling these words out of thin air
I feel so damn good
So damn good
Follow me
Because this path is full of God's grace
I'm sure you get why he kept me
My God, kept me
I'm staying in this space
Time to knock on wood & help out My Ace
A drop in my ♥rate
Twice during my 4day Lenox Hill stay
Mad for what? 
My God, kept me
He kept me...

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