Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Never started my day until I felt we would start my day
Why does this feeling seem all so familiar?
Laying in a hot pink Marilyn Monroe lingerie set, hair as curly as ever awaiting an allegedly early arrival
Day 14 since we had an actually encounter of some sort
Or shall I say it was the last of our Mohican's
I did receive a viewing of his face two Friday's ago, but it wasn't and us encounter
My memory can't help but jog back to and 08' work take off to spend a day like today with him
Stood up then and stood up now
I don't even plan these things, these are the cards he placed on the table
So if he did it then, what makes me think anything will ever change
Drug seller of a man, and your phone is off?
Nothing seems to make sense, hardly ever
You went from getting high off my scent to detoxing with some other lady friend, I guess
So why are you keeping me around?
I made it clear your networking game has been shut down
That lease was way up
And I can't keep allowing you to connect yourself month to month with my people
I lay here green duvet covered with 3 tears in my eye
One for self, one for him and one to keep the other two busy
I shake my headed repeatedly @ the continuous ?'S of why
Pick another Cabbage Patch Kid out the patch and eat her
Stop toying with my ♥
2hour convo of growth only to keep the dirty diaper on
Potty train yourself with another broad
Nia doesn't need this abundance of boy pain
Wanting to write something delightful today to keep my flow of greatness going
But these mistakes keep darting @ me as I spin the wheel of my sore ♥
I wholehearted love this man for clearly all the wrong reasons
What was ever right?
Swollen red eyes on the second day of some form of a Fall like Summer 
Pictures of prior amazing us days keep popping up in bubbles b4 my eyes
I'm sure he wouldn't even be affected by my absence 
It would be like losing a pen
Just find or buy another one because no matter what pen it is, as long as it has ink it'll still write 


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