Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I lay as I type
Trying to see what I'm typing as the words come out on the berry
Foggy rainy eyes from a sudden breakaway mistake
My mind making the decisions for my ♥ 
I can't get enough of you
I try my hardest to escape
Seeing your face made all my deep love go into replay
I don't want to be w/out you
I don't care what my mouth may often say
Words being the constant re break
I give up on words I just want to touch my loves face
And he has placed me back in yet another punishment state
Childhood stories of no teary face
18 when Dad left his parental phase
My love doesn't cry he just harbors all his pain and stores it away
Breaking him to the point where I can core love him, make him feel his happiest and safe
Never ever feeling anything of this caliber
Just want to continue my chase
Friends telling me we both need some healing space
I flip thru pics just to stare @ his innocent looking face
He's the love of my life even though a nightmare is in our present state
Wake us both and let the building replace
He wants to fall hard for me b4 he begins our longevity phase
But I keep assuring him I would never walk out of anything that's our place
Me being worth fighting for frightens me each day
How bad do you want me state and prove your own case
Praying this time he doesn't really disappear into space
He's my rock and I want to be the one draped in white lace
Our bond should never be broken or ever replaced
This is it for me I pray he reads and understands my case
But if a breather is what it takes to get us to the correct state
Let us both breathe and clear our heads for a few days
Then when we meet again let the role playing, just play
Majestic I want to be with you until your dying day

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