Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OneOaken (written on Thursday April, 8th)

Full week's past of my detoxification state. I don't ever remember feeling this good, in this life. The hydrating waters that flow thru good scented Lil' Ol' me, as I devour water bottle after water bottle or clear water glass after clear water glass have me feeling as clean a gym teacher's whistle. 
I didn't know 3lbs could shed just by giving up some of my favorite things - 
Drugs............................... Don't frown your face, I'm not a fiend or anything. A actual Twelve step program isn't needed. However, the mascato wine, the Valium pills, the vicodine, the patron margaritas, the patron coffee shots, the drinks, the pills, the drinks, the pills. Shit...... maybe I am an addict (puts me in a happy as shit(in Katt's voice) state @ times).
Even with the numbness of my right side vanishing from my right now cleanse existence. I don't crave the pain killers, I now crave the pain. I feel like I've come this far, mine as well endure the pain for the full 40days. Miss MedHead has checked into self rehab. What I do miss though, is my every 8sec dip while on the boogie floor of 1Oak. It was all booze just a week ago. Lol
The writers block ☁ hovered over me for these past few days, until my fellow OneOaken sent me a delightful message. He enjoys the stories of my 2days. I desire feedback and this new gift that God has laid b4 me makes me smile. As I maneuver around Chambers Street Gloomy station halls, following the arrows towards the 4 or the 5, I brain smile. The thoughts in my head are happy.
I'm headed back to the Island after leaving the Windy Chicago weather like Crooklyn streets. I want him to know if he was in hindsight right now, I'd forehead kiss him. Nothing like a smile upon a drug free bodied face on a 64 degree day. Someone hand me a tissue I need to clean these Marc Jacob shades. The perspiration of love circulating train car 7094 has fogged them up. Well I hope the Sun of 2day brightens your life a little more. The words of my OneOaken just sang a good song upon mine.
Deep breath...
My mind just took a jog backwards to the last calender Friday. Where I might have experienced one of the best halfway blind dates ever. I giggled more with him than people I wholeheartedly know and if you know me, I'm a silly willy. The unexpected is sometimes the best expected, so accept it and respect it. It can fatherly baby tickle your soul. 
As we chatted and Ocean grilled dined, I drank water, he drank fancy wine. We explored each other's worlds thru a series of questionnaires. He's a quiet storm. I've been a socialite for years. Dang I just rhymed - well this is my stop, that's my time. (*_*)

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