Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was born to SWIM

Two weeks and a day and I lay in my smokey hot tub waters of nothing but brain filled possibilities
What does living in forgiveness look like?
I smile as my eyes gaze back and forth over that question
A bitter bite nibbles @ the tips of my clear polished toenails 
But I won't let it seep thru my feet
I've just swallowed the Art of letting go and I released it in my daily bowel movement of 2day(sorry for the gross part)
I feel Anew...
I couldn't keep trying shit and trying shit 
Won't work
Trying shit and trying shit
Won't work
I'm done with the what had happen was'
This brain of mine refuses to focus on what's behind 
I'm discovering what's ahead
I'm building my future... 
Not allowing you to continue to steal bricks and rebuild my past
The love of my bodily temple has been moved to the forefront of this beautiful life
Ready for the 'N. Storm" of 2night with a water shot in hand
I've gotten use to grooving to the music with no "Help Me Howard Drugs" in the system
The release and relief of that dude that once sparkled then burned down the drunken me is gone for plenty of my days
Now guilt of sitting across from a pure soul won't haunt me while I date, dine and dance
I'm really single... mind, body and soul
Even though, my God and I tango ever so often
The human evil soul can't take bites @ me anymore
I had my physician remove his scorpion sting
Have you ever had the feeling of drowning in your yesterday and coming back to life to live for the present day?
Well I have 
I'm a Pisces @ ♥ 
I was born to SWIM

~Hatie Mae Jenkins~

Happy Birthday Nick Storm you inspire me to write. Love YOU...

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