Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My poetic tribute to Michael Jackson "Smile"

Somber mood or shall I say singer mood
Grab a nearby neighbor and lay your head on their shoulder
The heavenly rains shook our Earth
Feeling like I was present in front row @ the Staple Center holding MJ's (Mary) hand viewing the most memorable memorial I can remember (@ this given point in my life)
I prayed on drawing blanks of anything negative today because we have laid 1 of the greatest to rest
I fell upon a ill feeling from a Humanitarian fever handed over to me by the spirit of Michael Jackson
I made a promise to my Love (recently) to try harder
Now I've pledged to myself to try harder
Distractions are attractions to an unfocused eye
And MJ's focus was of pure perfection
My right hand held high against my forehead as I send a salute to all the speakers, attendees, family members, friends and die hard fans that were able to get a wift of his scent during a moment in his presence
He was the only person on this planet that I would have been groupie-fied to meet
As wacky as most may say he looked I was captured by his God given talent
I couldn't see the weird... 
I could only feel it thru his music
And from what I know, talented folks are crazees
I've been deemed nuts myself
And I honor him for his Wacko Jacko gift giving abilites
My 5 year old niece danced and sang in her shower of today reciting over and over, "I'm Bad"
A tear dropped while I looked @ the girl in the mirror because he's touching a life that was a little after his time
But I guess that's the Webster Dictionary meaning of "TIMELESS"
My ♥ feels heavy as I train ride to meet friends for food 
In a lovely web of what next
I give forth my gift of writing
A penny or a million this is what is in the driver seat of my everyday
As I allow my passion to ride me around, I scream thank you Jesus for life
Jogging brain of the words dropping from the mouth of Al sharpton, brother Marlon and daughter Paris piercing my soul
Usher singing "Gone too Soon"
With a touch of the golden casket is the reason behind my swollen eyes
My favorite Queen reading the words of Maya A. sent shocks thru my veins
We being the world and we being the children is a message from God sent into and delivered thru the ♥ of our MJ
I don't know what spirit is in me this day but it feels tingly all over
Admiring the butterfly wings on my purse knowing Michael just signed for his in Heaven
When someone this great exits our world, we can only pray for nothing but greatness to come
I feel our best life is ahead of us
And as I Step into store after store, riding in cab after cab
I know his music will continue to haunt us as we celebrate his life
Pain and sorrow we all feed off now 
But thru the knowing that this was God's decision to take him home to where he belonged, will eventually soothe our ♥'s
God allowed us to borrow him for a full half 
50 years was more than enough to touch prolly every soul all over Mother Earth
Well MJ, I want you to know as I close my eyes and speak to you directly
You made God proud 
Your favorite song, "Smile"
Will turn all frowns around
We as a nation, love you


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