Tuesday, August 25, 2009

God's Heaven Team

The Angel white-coloring of his Saturday outfit and the caramel coloring of his pure skin
The manners of a British-like born soul
The height and voice of a man, but still the age of a young boy
Eventhough, the visualizations of his "Coming of Age" were presently "LIL BROTHER" I still screamed out
A high school grad, but I begged him for more
I wanted him to crave more
Life breathes in our needs, but its our ambition that gets us to our contentment peak
Neighborhood kid, but not the neighborhood kid
His working days putting a smile on every customers face
Our very own Darian
The son of me, but brotherly born
I looked into those eyes on a daily, seeing change jumping through
As his voice deepened I knew he was really getting a life clue
The last night of room-mating 
His white clothing is all I can remember
He left to do his duty for his new journey to come
In a different zip code
Away from my everyday eyes
And then for some reason God and him had a chat
God told him, "when you left that day you didn't tell them you weren't coming back? The 19 years I gave you son were years well lived. I didn't shorten your life that's all I had to give."
Is being missed in abundance what this is suppose to be?
God I scream out, this wasn't suppose to be
He was a great boy, my boy, my baby brother
We share the same mother, father sisters and brother
His spirit moving through my apt like a heavy wind across a village
Not knowing whether to let the tears flow, be the strong-arm of the fam or just stop living
When a piece of you is removed
The knowing of self is tainted
My everyday now is full of numbness and blankness
You never know the true feeling of pain until a part of you dies
The ♥ is pierced and you feel hole after hole 
There's no bringing him back, but there's also no letting him go
God asked him, "son who else would you like to bring?"
He said, "Vance and we can add British Fur to our team"
Darian felt his duty of walking, feeding and playing with the fuzz ball wasn't fulfilled
So into the gates of heaven they all entered together to chill
I don't know how to look @ this day
Whether we cry forever or just celebrate
Darian wasn't an energy that made you feel sad
Or he didn't piss you off enough to make you stay mad
He was a happy boy, a joyful soul
And even though we feel he was taken from us way too soon
We must remember God is always in control
No matter how tragic this all may seem
Darian, Vance and British are all now on God's heaven team

(Vicariously for Tyeisha Delk)

R.I.P. (Darian Delk & British Fur)

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