Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6/23 thoughts

In the mist of my seemingly always pain-filled writings
I'm unaware if my readers know how much of a Happy Camper I usually am
I'm reading The Secret To Letting Go
And I've discovered my words are my therapy for releasing momentary thoughts
Our brains are made up of so many thoughts
I've trained myself to live in pain
We never actually intentionally hurt ourselves
But in a reality state, we do
Under the covers with the genius of a man lastnite (the human I allow to insist me in these moments of pain that deliver such moving poetry @ times)
He gave me the opportunity to learn how he sees the world
Thru his one contact set of eyes, all he see's is everything being black and white
A flower is a flower
A chair is a chair
A glass is a glass
A straight line in his eyes, is just that
My visualizations allow me to travel so deep, I sometimes can not ponder the picture for self
Which in return frustrates the hell out of me
When I see something, a world, a story, a journey comes alive
Now I'm not saying my viewing of the(my) world or his(the) is off but we just don't see the same
He's so in touch with his thoughts because his thoughts are just that
My thoughts transform into actions, behaviors, feelings, emotions or what have you
I'm teaching self to receive a thought and release it
The book states, there should never be a time for anger
Anger builds from the unexpected
So if you just accept everything that flows your way as a passing feeling, they will be put to rest as just that
Everything needs to reside in its current phase
When something bothers me, I should just be ready to receive what will bless me
Dwelling only trains the brain to recycle past emotions or feelings
And if the present is a gift, why not continuously unwrap it?
I like to peek into my future, but in all actually you can not
I do possess some sort of psychic abilities
But their just abilites
I foresee some but the unexpected smacks me hard everytime
So from this point forward, I will stop focusing on the thoughts in my head, other's heads or attach myself to feelings because its better to await new feelings
Noone craves the same
We crave Anew
So the doors of my soul are open to receive whatever comes my way
God will not allow me to go to, if he couldn't bring me thru it
So to all my faithful readers
I'm happy this day
Here comes another thought of happiness
Wow try it, this is magnificent

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