Monday, June 15, 2009

Theres no place like Now...

I arise in a dreamy mood
Bad dreams decorated my sleep and pinched me until a 5 (something) am rise opened my eyes
Dreading the early and asking my Lord for more sleep I tossed and turned over my thoughts
Bad girl thoughts of course
For a better choice of words: ungodly thinking
Angry with self for every bad decision ever chosen
After finally winning back some extra rest
I opened up to a dripping outdoor noise of either: rain, sleet, snow or cats and dogs
I realized reality is where my present resides
So if I live in reality my thoughts shouldn't haunt me in my sleep or my awake
I can hold on to my memories but yearn for more memories to come
I become a prisoner of my thoughts and I declare, I am not my thoughts
What's presently happening is exisiting now
So why not just bask in that?
Shit, Drown in the Now...
If my tunnel had a light @ 1st then darkness showed up (with its creepy self) and I couldn't escape my current situation
Why didn't I just block that out and search a new path?
I serve a jealous God and clearly, He only wants the best for me
So I surrender myself to him and allow him to unfold my true, pure, purpose driven future
I l♥ve a Ol' story of a great time
But despise a memory of a bad one
Instead of running down memory lane and being the jail bird that I've become
I escaped into the reality of a new day
And I start from scratch all over again
Knowing future memories will provide longevity of a full ♥
So ladies I scream out to you
Let go of what's holding your best back
And unleash your greatness into a new Sunrise of tomorrow
Believe me, I know we all get down and out and it feels like the world has moved from underneath our feet
Just take it for what's its worth and treat it as a learning tool
We are some strong-ass beautiful spirited, beautiful faced, beautiful hearted, beautiful charactered, Godly young ladies
Believe me, bask in your beauty
Ugliness shows up way too often
Our universe is good to us if we allow it
Well..., my words have been shared on this Grey Skied Thursday New Yorker morning
I l♥ve you all for assisting in the woman I am and the woman I'm becoming
I need all you rocks to hide under sometimes so thanks for rocking with me(lol)
Dorthory said, there's no place like home
Nia said, there's no place like Now...

¤Breathe in your new day and Breathe out your yesterday¤

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