Monday, June 15, 2009


Kid cuddle with my legs to my belly in bed Another dreadful day running by
My vision showing a ☁y sky of pain over head
The word hysterectomy is placed like a Q-tip into my child-sized ears
Contemplating blocking out the sound
But desperating needing a serious cleaning
Knowing that this is the true problem-solver for my constant internal situation
28 candles on my last birthday cake, wishing I never blew them all out
Feeling like there was a wish I forgot to ask for
Having the semi-psychic ability that I inherited from my piscean soul clearly missed the Cyst state approaching
Finally (hopefully) ending this 6month condition with a painful surgery 
I just new, I was bizzzack
Now blood is the new Cyst
Like pink being the new red
Too much of it @ one time and then more pain right behind
How can I get back to a 06' internal?
When none of this crippled me
God I ask, as I stare up @ you from the palm of your hand
What are you trying to tell me?
What tribulation lesson is this?
I may have said, I don't want kids...
But I'm growing and I would l♥ve a little Mini-Me one day
I refuse to remove all of my child-bearing help that you Godly gave me 
Nomore surgical below the breast procedures, PLEASE 
I'm not Miss Pill Popper
If BC's, like the doc says, will nurse me back to the somewhat normal me
Then Dr. Demarco, just go ahead and inject me


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