Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Love to me is the most powerful feeling known to man. However, in the same breath it comes naturally. So if it's natural, there will always be a rebirth. Open your eyes everyday and restart self. Don't continue what you didn't finish in your yesterday. If you sleep with guilt, regret, pain or hurt, arise and forgive. Another day to start over. Rebirth;


In a relationship there's no such thing as space. If you wander too far, someone else will find you. Love is work, so work thru it.

I think its worth fighting whether you lose or win than giving up before you even start your battle. I'd rather fight for love than lose to hate.


Young love is like film to a camera, it needs a little exposure for development.

Its not our history that matters, its our present moment that determines how we pursue our destiny.

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  1. I love the idea of being a new you daily. So refreshing and helps one gain wisdom while maintaining their youth. The world has a lot in store for you Miss Lady - watch out!


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