Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I crave...

I crave ur sensual lips against the tip of my nipples while ur tongue does circle laps around my aureoles
I crave the warmth of ur body against the cold of my skin to melt away my goose bumps like a lemon icey in a lil tikes hand on a A•t•lalien summer afternoon
I crave the soft of ur left index finger up the nape of my neck as ur right hand squeezes my shivering back like a gifted teddy bear on a Valentine morning
I crave the tug on my lace vicki's as well as the pull of my hair and the bite of my collarbone, nose and left ear
I crave the sound of ur speedy ♥ beat and the body brush of ur smooth penis and the movement of ur body against mine
I crave the thoughts brewing in ur brain while my eyes cut lustful peeks @ you and kiss u back hard with my tongue kisses of danger
I crave the u in u and I crave the u in me making new love so soft, so often and so gently

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