Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I stare @ a photo of some form of a one night stand
Didn't ever see winning this Freckle Face Guy, over as my Man
My thoughts of him weren't deep @ all
My focus was always the dude with the ball
And no matter how broken I've been in my past
My loyalty will always last
I lay on my lemon colored sheets with a empty feeling in my chest
Wondering who will hold my ♥ upright next
As scared as I am of losing any parts of the you that I have
Winning you doesn't define the safety
I need to make it all last
I guess the love making is suppose to heal the ♥
So why does it seem like everything is falling apart
All I ask for is the respect I deserve
Wondering why the deeper we get you still have the nerve
When you press play my movie becomes alive
Because the love I have for you can never be disguised
Friend or Fam
I should be seen in the glare of your eyes
Because I don't even have thoughts of any other guys
Your speech to me has taking a sudden toll upon my soul
I'm praying for the day I have total ♥ control
I don't know what awaits me in the days to follow
But I know I don't want to relive this another day, another tomorrow
I give my all because my all is what I give
If I were a boy - maybe then in your eyes I would know how to just live
The moments that joy shines upon both our faces
The lovely days we have together in regular or strange places
Keeps me ringing your phone
As well as the fear of being alone
I don't know if I've ever been this deep with a male
Where I get queezy from a wift of your smell
I love you now and I pray I'll love you again and again
But the unconscious disrespect is not worth the re-commiting of sin

Can we just make this work???
Respect each other's wishes???
If you won't change for me can we change for us???

I'm willing to meet you half way...

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